Stationary Exercise Bikes - A terrific investment for fitness and exercise equipment for the novice

Published: 27th January 2012
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Exercise bikes are becoming a preferred home exercising equipment. A stationary exercise bike is a perfect investment for the beginners to get started on a workout program. These bikes are offered in different makes, models and price range.

The stationary exercise bikes are a safe and effective means of exercise. They provide a means of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. These bikes are useful for toning up different muscles and improving your physical fitness and losing excess weight. They give some specific added benefits that other equipment cannot offer you.

They have different workouts that you can customize depending on your skill level, with adjustable resistance levels. A number of brands offer a variety of standard upright bikes to much more comfy recumbent bikes as well as dual-action bikes to deliver a full-body workout.

Recumbent exercise bikes have the advantage that you can position your body in a far more comfortable position. You can even sit in a reclined position. These bikes are a little bit more difficult to pedal. Upright stationary exercise bikes provide you with the traditional seating options. You can sit on them much like riding a mountain or perhaps a road bike.

If you opt for a stationary exercise bike, you ought to bear in mind two fundamental characteristics. These are the seating position on the bike, as well as the method of resistance used.

The lower range bikes use a tension belt for resistance, whereas the mid to high range ones have magnetic resistance, a comfy seat and built-in workout programs with heart rate monitors. If you are able to afford to pay a higher price, it is possible to go for a bike with push button resistance controls, a hi-tech LED console, pulse driven workouts, adjustable handlebars and several built-in workout programs. Having said that, for individuals with lower back ache, mobility, or balance problems, a semi-recumbent stationary exercise bike may offer a safer, more comfy prospect.

The principal goal of using an exercise bike is to increase your heart rate. Higher end bikes include standard pulse driven workouts. The exercise bike adjusts the workout difficulty based on readings from its heart rate monitor. The kind of display console and the variety of readily available built-in workouts vary greatly with each style of bike. You can find a few high-end exercise bikes equipped with iFit and pulse driven programs. Most bikes also come with a decent LED console to help track your progress.

The best manufacturers of stationary exercise bikes include Bremshey, Marcy, Bodymax, Reebok and Horizon who manufacture the alternative designs and models of stationary exercise bikes and set the benchmarks for bikes throughout the world.

One of the more popular models is the Horizon Focus 308 Upright bike, which is ideally suited for beginners and standard cycling training when the weather turns cold. The Focus 308 Model includes adjustable handlebars to keep up the correct training position and a vertical and horizontally adjustable seat to perfectly adapt to any shape or size. It has 16 levels of Smooth Resistance, a 7'' LCD Screen and, 11 Pre-Set Workout Programs as well as contact Heart Rate Measurement, the full featured Focus 308 Exercise Bike from Horizon is the natural choice for any home fitness enthusiast and has been a favorite among experts.

The Bremshey Comfort Pacer Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the most up-to-date recumbent exercise bikes which enables users a more comfortable experience when exercising. Upright bikes may at times cause people with back problems discomfort so a recumbent bike can be an excellent choice. The Bremshey Comfort Pacer has an easy step-through frame, tilting seat backrest and 18 pre-set programmes.

Keeping up with the explosion in popularity of health club spinning classes, The Bodymax B15-GE1 is a high quality indoor Studio Cycle at an affordable price! The Bodymax B15-GE1 has rugged construction, a massive 18Kg Fixed flywheel, fully adjustable handlebars and seat and computer giving feedback on speed, distance, time, calories and pulse that is operated by means of the hand grip sensors. It includes a water bottle holder and water bottle, and transport wheels for effortless movement.

There is a stationary exercise bike to match all requirements and as a low impact form of activity it is a excellent choice for a piece of exercise equipment for your home. has a range of many of the best examples of fitness and exercise equipment for you to choose from.

stationary exercise bikes for the novice and expert alike provided by the leading suppliers of fitness and exercise equipment

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